Summer 2015 - A True Sabbatical

As a result of a detrimental medical condition that occurred at the end of May, I shall be following the advice I often give my clients, and taking a summer sabbatical until the end of September. As such, I shall not be contactable on any modalities during that time.

As Arianna Huffington advises, in her superb book, Thrive, "It is sometimes essential, even to the most diligent and prolific amongst us, to become 'unplugged', neither responding to cellphone messages, social media, nor emails."

This doesn't mean that you are not being thought about, but rather it is a time of recharging the batteries before a new chapter begins - watch this space for the next Chapter!!

Wishing you all a very restful and resuscitating summer, wherever you are!!


Sadly, I shall not be running my retreats in Portugal or Italy in the autumn, as previously planned. However, I am delighted to discover that my good friend, Terrence John, is launching his own retreats, in association with Roco Forte Hotels, which is a superb affiliation between the two of them.
Please check it out for yourself: Visit Terrencetheteacher

In addition, Grace Belgravia, with whom I have worked in my consulting for the last year, is running a series of retreats that combine the best of all that Italy has to offers rom a gastronomic point of view with health in all its forms. Visit Grace belgravia

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