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Re-treat Yourself

There can be no doubt that summer has arrived both here and across the globe. My early summer retreats in Ibiza were an enormous success and highlighted the increasing need for stress management, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation, as well as a great combination of exercise to tone the body and calm the mind.

My next retreat will be taking place in sunny Portugal this September 27th – Oct 4th and has already generated a great interest and response. For this retreat, I have joined with my colleague, facial expert, Glenda Barton – who keeps many Hollywood women's faces taut to youthful perfection, to run a new style of retreat in the Algarve.

Set on the South-West side of the wilder part of Portugal, we are preparing a week of skin-enhancing, rejuvenating, and energising activities to turn back the years. A combination of Indiba facial treatments from Glenda, cooking demos with our resident chef, and I shall share the latest on nutrition, health and lifestyle to send you into the Autumn feeling a million dollars! Don’t miss this – it will be a quick sell-out, as we can only offer this to a maximum of 14 people.

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Wedding Season!
I am currently working with more than 10 people on their forthcoming weddings late summer and early autumn, to help them to reach their ultimate goal - be it weight, hair, skin tone, energy, or all of these.  Part of my programme for this includes the Bridal Cleanse from Purifynecleanse.com. Their juices are divine, packed with nutrients, and leave no-one feeling deprived. Even if you are not planning your wedding, may I suggest that you try this for a perfect mid-summer, nourishing cleanse. Click here.

Foodies and Food Aficionados
Tempt your palate to some of the best that Wales has to offer at the Abergavenny Food Festival this September 20th - 21st, where I will be speaking at the Food Festival Debate.

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Bursting with Organics

My Ibiza retreats and my own summer holiday in Italy were undoubtedly enhanced with the daily inclusion of Organic Burst’s Maca Powder (for sublime energy), Chlorella and Spirulina (cleansing – toxin-neutralising). In my smoothies, drinking water and non-alcoholic cocktails!

Try my favourite recipe:
Alkalising Mint Crush Mocktail

  • A large handful of fresh mint
  • 1 teaspoon of Chlorella
  • 1 medium apple
  • Thumbnail of fresh root ginger
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Juice of 1 lime

Blend all ingredients until completely smooth and serve over crushed ice.

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The Ultimate Makeover
People come to me for so much more than simply nutrition and dietary planning. Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change, massive self- improvement or turning back the clock, The Bespoke is definitely for you.

In the past year some of my greatest client successes have been those on one of my Programmes, rather than one consultation at a time. I have now introduced The Bespoke after requests by many of my clients. Whether this is monthly consultations or Skypes, planning for the ultimate goal – your wedding, a big birthday or even reaching The Best You Can Be at any point in your life. Click here to discuss your goals and dreams and title your enquiry The Bespoke.

“Vicki’s own life experiences equip her to motivate her clients in so many more areas than simply nutrition. Thank you for showing me that I could turn my life around in just a few months”

“ The power of health radiates from her every pore. My Bespoke Programme has worked miracles over the last 9 months”

“To have had access to Vicki on a daily basis for the last 6 weeks has literally changed my life”

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