WOW what a year was  2013!

Both the excitements and challenges of last year have surely affected every single one of us! At the moment, whilst some are trying to maintain their New Year resolutions, many are still suffering from hideous seasonal ’flu which is lingering.  I would suggest that you stock up immediately on Purition’s immune-boosting, energy-enhancing, Superseed mix, packed with regenerating amino-acids and Omega-3. Add coconut water or your favourite nut milk to start your day the perfect way. This is a real food supplement at its very best.I love it, and it is the best food-state supplement that I have recently discovered.
Go easy on yourself!  Rather than obliterating half your existing foods, in a desperate measure to make up for the excesses consumed during the festive season...

I recommend going CLEAN, GREEN AND LEAN.

I am having fantastic success with clients on the 30 and 60 Day Programmes for CHANGE.  Working so closely to specific goals certainly attains the results that remain long after the target date is passed.  Due to demand, I now offer two tiers of these Programmes – the First Tier involves working directly with me on a number of specific goals, including weight loss, energy-enhancement, and beating insomnia.  

The Second Tier provides you with a bespoke Programme, tailored by me, and including introductory sessions with many of the experts and services that I highly recommend for pregnancy, anti-aging, emotional issues and more long-term problems for which you now seek permanent change.  Financially, this allows many more to have access to such Programmes, whereas previously they have been targeted only to the fast-paced, elite professionals who simply had not had time to organize their own nourishment and be introduced to like-minded experts.  I believe that everyone should have access to these  Programmes, and the new First Tier allows you to factor in 4 sessions with me within a month to ensure that you not only get on track, but you stay on track.
I really recommend that you book in now as, due to the demand, I already have many bookings for both types of Programmes. Contact me at:

Enhanced Clinic
In addition to my regular nutritional consulting and my programmes I have also teamed with the stunning Ivana Daniell, who has created “Life in Movement,” that literally transforms bodies , posture, balance and gait through a blend of Pilates , Gyrotonic, and her own unique method. Through her organic approach of movement she will help you to unlock your body's natural movement  capability. We are both based in our beautiful new clinic on the First Floor at 61 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8HA. We invite you to sample a taster of Ivana’s Postural Analysis and my Motion through Nutrition that we will be running throughout January and February prior to committing to a longer term Programme. Click here for more information.

The New Tool for Your Life-Box
The wonderful Jemima Eames, skilled practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Re-Imprinting has helped scores of my clients last year to change their habits and attitudes to their eating, work and other potential addictions, in a safe and gentle way at the client’s own pace. Jemima works closely with me in my Programmes for CHANGE. For more information visit

Vital Energy Retreats, Ibiza
The end of 2013 and early this year has seen an interesting twist to the retreats that I have now been running for the last 3 years in Ibiza.    I have had several bespoke requests for groups of colleagues or friends that have left only two weeks available this year for ‘open’ weeks – that is, individuals, couples or family members who wish to become part of a larger group.  The dates for these are the 14th-21st June, and 21st – 28th June.   This is the best time in Ibiza for the weather, which is hot, but not scorching, and allows us to eat all our meals outside, whilst still being able to sleep coolly at night.   I have already had several enquiries for these two weeks  owing to a great review in Tatler 2014 Spa Guide so, if you made a promise to yourself last year that you would definitely come this year, don’t delay!  Click here to email your enquiry/booking.

Honestly Healthy For Life - Book - Pre-order now
Finally, the long-awaited 'Honestly Healthy For Life' book is coming off the printers as you read this, and will be ready for delivery from Amazon from 31st March.
Packed full with the latest alkaline eating information and benefits, this second book will fill your brain with the vital nutritional know-how's, and Natasha's recipes will satisfy all those who have found their inner Kitchen Goddess. Easy-to-prepare alkaline foods at their very best, with recipes for all occasions, including many 'better-for-you' treats. This is the true "have your cake and eat it too' scenario. Don't delay, but pre-order now to ensure you have your copies delivered the minute they arrive!

Click HERE to pre-order at Amazon.

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