Retreat to Advance in 2015
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The original meaning of the word retreat is 'to withdraw' – possibly from the sameness of your everyday life. Certainly, that is what I encourage on my retreats, where relaxation is respected as much as exercise in all forms, and coupled with fascinating cooking classes, drawing upon the traditional meals of the area in which the retreat is run, and giving those dishes a 'healthy twist'. Eat fresh, locally-sourced foods, and learn to prepare dishes simply and easily, with the influence of local chefs. Leave feeling super-relaxed, refreshed and ultimately wiser as to how your body responds best to the right food for you.
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I’m excited to announce the following retreats are in the diary for 2015 – with more on the way.
Exclusive Retreat & Chill in Ciliegiolo – Italy
20-26 April 2015

Vicki’s Vital Energy retreats focus on rebalancing the mind and body, encouraging sound sleep, implementing great eating habits (not just for the week, but for life!) and learning how to preserve your youth, through balancing hormones, and unwinding the stresses with which you may be faced in your life.

From field to table allows you to start your Spring in Umbria, as part of Vicki’s first Retreat with Grace Belgravia, where health and wellbeing are the core values of their “inside out” philosophy.

This is a very exclusive retreat, with a maximum of nine guests.

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Vitality at Vilacampina – Portugal
11-16 June 2015

Turn back the clock – reset your energy and vitality levels. Vicki shows you not only what to eat, but also how to eat, discussing combinations that are best for your digestion, and your physical and mental health.

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Get Your Bounce Back – vitality retreat
22-27 September 2015

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Superb Souping Box
by Vicki Edgson and Abel&Cole

Working closely with the creative team at the original Fruit and Vegetable Box Scheme delivered to your door, I have been cooking hundreds of soups through these cold months to help them deliver the new Superb Souping Box. Its full to the superbowl brim with nutrients, with an ace mix of organic veg, herbs, spices and more – especially for those who usually try and crawl through January on raw juices alone! Try these divine and yummy soup recipes that incorporate some degree of raw ingredients, but allow you to cook most elements to 'warm the cooker' as the Chinese decree (the cooker being your tummy!!). Energy-packed, nutrient-dense recipes that deliver a whole 'meal-in-a-bowl'.

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Gut Gastronomy
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Being a nutritional therapist, I know just how much 'dis-ease' originates from a poor or malfunctioning digestive system, which is all too easy given today's predominantly processed food intake.

This beautifully photographed and illustrated book guides you through the changes you can make in a very short time to wholly regenerate the optimum functioning of your digestive system that will benefit not only your energy, but also your mood, motivation and total wellbeing.

Not to be missed, this book is based on the hugely successful regime that has been developed as a retreat at Grayshott Spa in Surrey.