Grace Belgravia, Ciliegiolo – Italy
    Exclusive Retreat & Chill in Ciliegiolo – Italy
    20-26 April 2015

    Exclusive Retreat & Chill in Ciliegiolo – Italy
    Vicki’s Vital Energy retreats focus on rebalancing the mind and body, encouraging sound sleep, implementing great eating habits (not just for the week, but for life!) and learning how to preserve your youth, through balancing hormones, and unwinding the stresses with which you may be faced in your life.
    From field to table allows you to start your Spring in Umbria, as part of Vicki’s first Retreat with Grace Belgravia, where health and wellbeing are the core values of their “inside out” philosophy.

    This is a very exclusive retreat, with a maximum of nine guests.

    For details visit the Grace Belgravia website or email